Scott Tulay’s Ghostly Drawings Triumph in Design, Disorder

by Andy SmithPosted on

Scott Tulay is an artist and architect based in Amherst, Mass., crafting ghostly drawings that play with light, shadow, and a distorted version of familiar structures. Tulay’s command of space and design bring an engrossing order to his otherwise otherworldly creations. And whether it’s ink, charcoal, pastel, graphite, or a combination of all, his drawings offer vibrant arrangements that loom like vivid apparitions. He was last mentioned on here.

In a past exhibit with Gurari Collections, insight is offered into how Tulay’s distinct occupations converge: “With training and practice in fine art and architecture he tries to push his work, rendering up imagined graphic geometries of the manmade, yet, applying the deftness of a painter’s sensibility. Employing perspective skillfully, Tulay engages us by layering the dimensional space ambiguously. Prismatic and hurried light beckons us to read the work cinematically.”

Even the artist’s schooling was split between these passions. He trained in drawing at Boston’s School of the Museum of Fine Arts and studied art history at Tufts Universite before getting a master’s in architecture at M.I.T. The artist has been with an architect with Juster Pope Frazier since 2004. His drawings are in the permanent collections of Mount Holyoke College Art Museum, Smith College Museum of Art, and the Tchoban Foundation Museum of Architectural Drawing.

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