Fixating on Fruit with Kii Arens

by Andy SmithPosted on

We’ve noticed that graphic designer/artist Kii Arens likes fruit. Whether it’s fruit made to look like other food or something entirely inedible like a briefcase, Arens both highlights the inherent beauty of the food group and bends it to his will. Above and below, you can see the several ways the artist works fruit into his work, whether it’s promotional posters or personal prints.

The Minnesota-born artist, a musician in his own right, has crafted album artwork, promotional material, and tour posters for an array of bands, from Dolly Parton and Pete Yorn to Wilco and Chance the Rapper. In 2004, Arens opened his own arts venue in Los Angeles, La-La Land Gallery, showcasing his work and hundreds of pieces from other pop artists.

Naturally, when the gallery hosted the show “Fruit” a few months back, Arens had a few pieces in the show. (Work also came from Shag, Oliver Hibert, Steve Ellis, Mark Kostabi, Anthony Ausgang, Martin Ontiveros, Janee Meadows, Chris Reccardi, Daniel Gibson, Dan Stiles, Christophe Gilland, David Medel, Aarah Aizman, Addie Hamilton, Mike Davis, Savanna Snow, Shoko Yanagisawa, Matthew Bone, Alyssa Burke, and Nazish Chunara.)

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