The Otherworldly, Folk Art-Inspired Dreams of Bunnie Reiss

by Andy SmithPosted on

Los Angeles artist Bunnie Reiss constructs dreamlike imagery with geometric and mythological themes. Whether it’s traditional surfaces, murals, or even gloves, the artist says she “wishes to map out unusual lives, find hidden and forgotten places, build a unique visual history, and weave it all together as one.”

Reiss, whose family is Eastern European, says her work has flourishes of both Russian and Polish folk art. (Polish folk art being marked by bright colors, and Russian mythology offering the magic and fascination with nature that drives much of the artist’s work.) In the past year, it’s taken on an even more cosmic slant, with a subsequent children’s book that used her body of work “The Cosmic Child.”

The Cosmic Child is partially rooted in Plato’s cosmology, in which a deity created the cosmos from a chaotic existence that preceded it. With the artist citing symmetry, disorder, emotion, memory, movement, and nature as themes, the origins of the series comes into clearer focus. Paintings in the ongoing body of work “When you are hungry, eat your memories.” offer personal reflections from Reiss, in which she anchors works with hands and eyes and muses on the human need to relate to others.

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