Hi-Fructose Presents: Inside the Sketchbook of Peca

by Andy SmithPosted on

Argentina-born, Barcelona-based painter Peca crafts paintings, drawings, and stop-motion films in which fictional creatures roam and cosmic, surreal scenes unfold. In this exclusive peek inside her sketchbook, this imagery is mixed with typographic elements. And although Peca’s work may seem otherworldly, there’s an introspective, autobiographical quality to these images.

Peca explains in an interview with HiFructose.com back in February: “My work is an intimate process of introspection like a meditation,” Peca says. “It is the road to my unconscious; an exercise of self-knowledge to find answers. It is also my way of understanding life and connecting to the universal organism. So spirituality is very present. Somehow my paintings are self-portraits, the encrypted representation of my experience in life.”

Peca explores these ideas through oils, acrylics, pencils, and other mediums, often using wooden boards and walls. The dreamlike worlds rendered by Peca translate to both massive canvases and notebooks, like the one shown. In the above and below images, take an intimate look at the artist’s process.

And check out a work-in-progress video below.

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