Jun seo Hahm’s Endearing, Oddly Shaped Creatures

by Andy SmithPosted on

Jun Seo Hahm is a Seoul-based digital animator and designer, known for his delightful fictional creatures that inhabit other worlds. Much of the artist’s work is rooted in his lifelong fascination with the scientific field of biology. In an interview with the publication Massage, he says he actually considers himself to be a reverse-biologist. Instead of studying real creatures in the natural world, he creates new ones and worlds for them to inhabit.

The artist likes to imagine places in which the fabrics of time and space are “editable,” offering new insights into how biological forms can move and take shape. Aside from convincing textures, many of his creatures offer body parts with purposes and functions that can only be conjectured by viewers.

Pocket Legs from Jun seo Hahm on Vimeo.

Hahm studied art theory in Korea before acquiring a BFA and MFA in experimental animation at California Institute of the Arts. He then worked at Bent Image Lab in Portland as a designer and director for half a decade, before moving on to Cheil Worldwide in Seoul as a planner for two years. He’s a now a professor at Kunkuk University in Chungju.

The Adobe Design Achievement Award-winning artist’s films have been screened across the world, including the Ottawa International Animation Festival.

object blending study from Jun seo Hahm on Vimeo.

selfie from Jun seo Hahm on Vimeo.

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