Vesod Exhibits New Paintings and Drawings in “E-horizon”

by Margot BuermannPosted on

Italian artist Vesod exhibits a new collection of paintings and drawings in E-horizon, opening today at Mirus Gallery in San Francisco. Viewers will be treated to eight works on canvas and paper, as well as a site-specific installation. Vesod is recognized for his perception-altering creations that offer the illusion of three-dimensionality. He often depicts human figures traversing through geometric environments, which are reflective of the “eternal present”. The exhibition is on view through October 29.

Born in Turin in 1981, Vesod currently lives and works in Venaria Reale. He is the son of Dovilio Brero, the late surrealistic painter. Aside from his works on canvas, Vesod is known for his large scale murals that spotlight his futuristic style. More of his work can be found on his Instagram. The artist was last featured on our blog here.

Vesod’s work is largely influenced by the world of graffiti, which the artist has cultivated an interest in from a young age. The realm of mathematics – which he holds a degree in – as well as renaissance art and futurism have also helped to shape his aesthetic. The artist’s website reads: “Vesod creates a personal language in which time is considered as a concept, which by being closed into immaterial solid shapes, is crystallized into geometric shape in order to revisit the idea of the eternal present. This idea of representing the three dimensions of space and the time one all in a single moment may bring to a loss of importance of the flow of time. Hence you can detach from a vision of the world or of the single person as entangled to the frame of time linked to the present we live in.”

Images courtesy of Mirus Gallery.

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