Sasha Ira’s Subtle, Engrossing Drawings of Evolving Women

by Andy SmithPosted on

The female subjects of Sasha Ira’s drawings are at varying stages of life, symbolically encountering strings that bind them or a surrounding growth of flora. The artist’s knack for subtle expression offers differing impressions of control in how these women grapple with what’s enveloping them. In her current show at Haven Gallery in Northport, New York, “Devenir,” Ira’s graphite renderings are mixed with acrylics, colored pencil, and other mediums for pops of vibrancy. The show runs through Sept. 11.

In this body of work, the influence of Japanese art and culture is felt throughout, whether traditional ukiyo-e works or modern manga. The gallery comments on what these figures represent: “These figures represent not only Ira, but all of mankind as everyday brings each one of us something new requiring a change not just within ourselves but within the world around us as well,” it says. “How we handle these constants results in our continual evolution and inexorable state of “becoming” as human beings.”

The inclusion of the preceding studies of certain works, like “Hypnopompia,”above, show the evolution in how these works came to be. You see not only the tightening of the string around the subject’s neck, but a deeper serenity in the final product. (The phrase “hypnopompia” refers to the state of consciousness coming out of sleep.”

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