Ugo Gattoni’s Intricate, Surreal Dreamscapes

by Andy SmithPosted on

Paris-born Ugo Gattoni’s detailed cityscapes and otherworldly scenes and objects have garnered international attention. Much of his work is rendered through graphite, ink, or pencil, through the artist has also delved into colorful animation and product design in recent years. Below, find the scarf he designed for Hermes, titled “Hippopolis.” Gattoni created an animation to accompany the design. Find that and the original below.

For Ruinart, the house that’s produced Champagne since 1729, Gattoni directed an animation that when projected, can only appear normal when reflected by one of the company’s bottles. As part of the Nobrow paperback series Leporello, Gattoni unveiled the popular Bicycle in 2012, an enormous, engrossing continuous scene of bike race that features the artist’s knack for intricacy.

The artist’s “Walking Stick” is a series “imagining hybrid objects combining a walking stick to an other specific and useful object.” Gattoni has also been commissioned for album covers, like the piece below for the band Alpes, and the one after that for SALM (SomethingALaMode). In the latter, the influence of M.C. Escher seems to be present, as Gattoni is often compared to the Dutch graphic artist.

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