Justin Lovato’s Psychedelic, Multidimensional Works on Paper

by Andy SmithPosted on

Justin Lovato, a California native, is a self-taught artist who blends abstract shapes and patterns for scenes that traverse worlds. While his paintings tend toward wild, overlaid landscapes, his works on paper often feature interdimensional beings entangled in the artist’s intricate backdrops. Lovato was last featured on HiFructose.com here, in a piece that focuses on his acrylic paintings on canvas.

The artist talks about the aim of his projects in a statement: “My work reaches towards a theory of chromatic vibration through the discord of contrasting images,” Lovato says. “These images are linked together through an optic pattern, or a warped tessellation, to bring forth a harmonious outcome. Multidimensional patterns are interlaced with psychedelic landscapes and strange, abstract forms.”

Even in the absence of color, there’s a metaphysical quality to Lovato’s work. And like his landscapes, his characters contort and evolve into something else entirely mid-form. This offers an absorbing narrative, one that can be viewed in sections or as a living entity. Striking pops of color are harnessed as powers at the hands of the figures.

For a look at how the artist crafts his paintings, check out a timelapse video of the artist working below.

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