Beeple’s Absorbing, Never-Ending Digital Visuals

by Andy SmithPosted on

For almost a decade, Beeple has sat down every day and made something. The digital artist uses a variety of programs and apps for his Everydays Project, an ongoing series of works uploaded to the artist’s site every day. Beeple is the moniker of artist Mike Winkelmann, who describes himself as making “a variety of art crap across a variety of media.”

Beeple also makes Cinema 4D project files that are created under an “open source” concept, available for use by anyone for any reason. The “art crap” descriptor is an example of the humor of the 3D artist (and his consistency, as his Instagram handle is @beeple_crap), and his abandon of ego in how he approaches his work. Perhaps that’s why the artist consistently challenges himself to learn new software, now amassing a knowledge of CINEMA 4D, Octane, ZBrush, After Effects, and many more. His short films, like “IV.6” and “Century Gothic,” have screened at festivals and events across the world.

His visuals and short films have been used by the likes of deadmau5, Amon Tobin, Flying Lotus, and other music acts. In a 2013 interview with Greyscalegorilla, Beeple talks about the potential of animation: “I think with animation you inherently have the advantage of being able to explain something through not only speaking but also images that can change over time. This can really help to illustrate some complex concepts. I think making something that is entertaining as well can only help to spread your message, too.”

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