Jasmine Worth’s Surreal ‘Blood & Tears’ at La Luz De Jesus

by Andy SmithPosted on

San Diego-based painter Jasmine Worth blends gloomy surrealism and religious iconography in her oil paintings. In her newest show at La Luz De Jesus in Los Angeles, the artist evolves this mix, with works that move between meditations on symbology and females of the cloth. Worth was last featured on HiFructose.com here, and you can find the artist on Instagram here. The show runs through Aug. 28.

This exploration of suffering and femininity makes for absorbing scenes from the artist. She explains her latest work in a statement: “Each body of work is a branch of a central theme: the damage wreaked by a world consumed with consuming and the triumph of those who seek a different path. This message can be seen in the obvious wounds sustained by her central characters and their startling resilience. The message being only when we realize that the earth and people are not possessions to be exploited can we begin to heal.“

The result is what Worth refers to as a “blending of the iconic and the visceral.” Worth is a graduate of Laguna College of Art Design, and her work has been shown across the world. She’s had several shows at the gallery since first being featured there six years ago.

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