Victor Fota’s Oil Paintings Explore Link Between Man, Machine

by Andy SmithPosted on

Themes of science and introspection permeate throughout the oil paintings created by Romanian artist Victor Fota. His current body of work, “Human Extension,” progresses those ideas by exploring relationships between man and machine. The result is a surreal experience entangled in reality and science fiction.

“Anxiety Amplifier” is an example of this concept, in which gazes of several, separate emotions are contained within a device of wires, buttons, and calculations. “Tech-Soup” offers a tongue-in-cheek viewpoint of consumption of technology and medium, while “Body-Spirit Cleansing System” takes that idea a step further. Fota’s pieces often both explore the abstract aspects of the brain and manipulate the physical organ with gadgets and machinery, all with the grace of Fota’s brush.

In each of these works, a different shade of introspection is highlighted. Fota’s style adds to the sci-fi pulp nature of the machinery, seemingly inspired by real concepts and an Asimov-esque view of the future. Fota’s website gives insight into his process: “For his paintings he uses a clean technique which resembles the old Flemish method of rigid forms and a successive glazes of paint.”

Fota currently works and resides in Bucharest, Romania. You can follow his works-in-progress and updates on his latest exhibitions on his Instagram, here.

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