Bea Szenfeld Dresses Dancers in Her Haute Papier Fashion

by Margot BuermannPosted on

Swedish fashion designer Bea Szenfeld is known for her experimental style that uses unconventional materials to create her extraordinary pieces. Her Haute Papier collection features handmade outfits constructed entirely from paper, showcasing her imaginative approach and technical ability to transform the material into wearable art. Now, Szenfeld takes her origami-inspired fashion from the runway to the theatre in a collaboration with the Royal Swedish Opera, featuring dancers modeling her designs. The images of ballerinas dressed in Szenfeld’s voluminous, sculptural costumes are currently on display at the Dansmuseet in Stockholm in an exhibition called “Everything You Can Imagine is Real”. Images by Karolina Henke.

Szenfeld, whose designs have been worn by Björk and Lady Gaga, said in the press release: “I love the combination of Dansmuseet, my paper costumes and The Royal Swedish Opera. It is both unlikely and obvious at the same time. Paper costumes and dance, let’s do it! Through the scissors and the body everything is connected, the tough and wonderful craft.” The exhibition runs through September 25, 2016. View more examples from her Haute Papier collection below (photographed by Joel Rhodin):

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