Diving into the Mind-Bending Murals of Astro

by Andy SmithPosted on

French artist Astro takes flat urban surfaces and creates passageways into the void. Using shadows and light, calligraphy-inspired designs and winding curves, the artist’s optical illusions are made for public consumption. And even when they’re not so obvious to some passers-by and cars on a quick route to work, Astro has many of us looking at the big picture.

In Portugal, Astro’s mural offers an entry point into the darkness, just feet away from the viewer. Elsewhere, traffic travels alongside an endless abyss without even knowing it. These works range from a scalable wall to the side of a towering residential complex. All offer a chance for anyone to travel outside reality, if only for the second it takes to capture the moment. Astro cites the work of Hans Hartung, Victor Vasarely, and Alphonse Mucha as major influences.

Astro is also one-half of the duo behind the CelloGraff, which implements cellophane as a disposable wall to tag without fear of the authorities. He developed the technique with fellow street artist Kanos.

The artist also takes his craft indoors, with the occasional work on canvas. Even these works retain the mind-bending quality of his public art projects. Follow all of the artist’s work on Instagram.

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