Kobi Vogman Creates Art in Unexpected Places

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When it comes to creating a compelling work of art, in the case of Kobi Vogman, no structure, location, or material is considered off limits. Based in Jerusalem, Vogman is a muralist, illustrator and filmmaker who works in harmonious collaboration with his surroundings to form narratives which explore the relationships we have with our histories, cultures, and ever-changing environments.

A graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Arts in Jerusalem, Vogman has become increasingly known for using street art as a way to invent new worlds within urban settings. Most recently, he transformed a 150-year-old building in Jerusalem into an enchanted forest with the use of 3D installation and interactive murals. The building itself is the site of an underground art squat factory called HaMiffal, and home to art collective Bait Rek. Vogman utilized the building’s industrial structure and lighting to his advantage, to create a hauntingly beautiful habitat with tree branches extending out from the walls and an overhead lamp which serves as the “moon” in his nighttime scene. The installation is on view through August 30, 2016.

In April 2016, he was invited to participate in the Menorah Graffiti Project, a new program in which Israeli artists were commissioned to adorn the construction site of the future Jerusalem Arts Campus. Using a temporary construction wall as his canvas, Vogman contributed two murals made with spray paint and acrylic, using storybook illustration to convey his thoughts on the changes occurring in Jerusalem and the current state of Israel.

Not one to shy away from experimental mediums, Vogman released two animated short films in 2013-2015 titled Don’t Blame Anyone and A Way of Being, featuring human-like characters he constructed entirely from wool. The films explore the psychology of fear and desire for control one encounters when having to navigate unknown territories. View A Way of Being below:

A way of Being from Kobi Vogman on Vimeo.

Learn more information about Kobi Vogman’s artwork and recent projects on his Instagram.

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