Maud Vantours Transforms Paper into Kaleidoscopic Sculptures

by Margot BuermannPosted on

Maud Vantours explores the infinite possibilities of paper with her elaborate 3D sculptures, which turn a seemingly ordinary material into extraordinary art. Her meticulous process involves carefully hand cutting and superimposing layers of paper onto one another to create multidimensional objects that are rich in texture and volume.

Each of her pieces is bursting with psychedelic colors and geometric shapes, born from her original designs which incorporate floral patterns, spirals, typography and oscillations. “Colors, patterns and materials all have an important place in my work,” she says in her artist statement. “I love to create original graphics with multicolored and dreamlike landscapes.” Vantours began working with paper as a student at the École Duperré in Paris, where she specialized in design, textiles, and materials research. She has said that paper is her favorite medium to work with, due to the ease with which she can manipulate it into any form she imagines.

In addition to her sculptures, Vantours has been operating her own freelance design business since 2009. The success of her work has enabled her to contribute to numerous fashion and lifestyle brands, including Yves Saint Laurent and Lancôme. Vantours continues to challenge herself to invent unique ways of designing and orienting her paper materials – drawing inspiration from architecture, advertisements and books, and other imagery she encounters.

Maud Vantours was born in 1985 in France and lives and works in Paris. View her latest artwork and projects on her website.

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