Dan Ferrer’s Medium-Spanning Madness

by Andy SmithPosted on

Dan Ferrer, also known by the moniker “Freeuno,” is a street artist/illustrator based in Madrid, Spain, where his works populate both enormous public walls and traditional canvases. His works often combine the subversively abstract with the strikingly real, whether rendered with oils, spray paint, or a Wacom pencil.

“Humpty Dumpty” offers a survey of Feerer’s sensibility, a mixture of a strained lifelike visage and a warped, eggy figure and dream-like backdrop. He explains the idea behind the piece, which was part of the Urban Art Festival of Mar Menor, to I Support Street Art: “No matter how many times you break, after falling you always have to get up, because only eggs who dare to climb a wall are the ones that are closer to the sky.”

Celestial backdrop And sometimes, as with the case of “SMILE” at this year’s Mulafest 2016, Ferrer’s message is both positive and universal. In this piece, faces line a wall with notecards that read the titular phrase in different languages. In each, the actual word covers an assumed expression to match. The word “See, Listen, Reply” is yet another commentary, though encouraging dialogue instead of a singular message.

Ferrer’s also done work for TV and film, as well as clients like Coca-Cola, Mini, BMW, Pepsi, and Levi’s.

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