John Kenn Mortensen Makes Sticky Notes Scary

by Andy SmithPosted on

John Kenn Mortensen is a Denmark native who spends his days directing and writing children’s television shows. But during those off-hours, Mortensen finds a piece of office stationery and creates an entirely new, twisted world populated by towering monsters and fantastic creatures. Mortensen has released a couple books of post-it note scenes and other illustrations, with a dedicated Internet following that delights in his darkness.

Despite the more frightening fare, much of Mortensen’s work taps into a fanciful and child-like sense of humor. Even as monsters loom over the human subjects of those scenes, the artist’s linework renders something more absorbing than revolting. Common subjects are trolls, zombies, mythical creatures, and horned demons, sometimes set against living room backdrops and neighborhoods.

In an interview with Opaque, a journal of contemporary Scandinavian art, Mortensen says this of his work: “My work is kind of a salute to the misfits of the world. I feel like a misfit on the Danish art scene myself; there is a certain ‘jargon’ and code of conduct that I don’t really fit into.”

If Mortensen’s thousands of Instagram and Facebook followers are any indication, there are a lot of misfits out there. Check out his Insta here.

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