Enter AFA’s Photo Challenge to Win Colin Christian’s Red Mini-Lips!

by Annie OwensPosted on

AFA Gallery is pleased to announce that AFA has become the exclusive representative for Colin Christian’s popular Lipsex sculptures. Colin Christian has created a collection of never-before-seen unique large scale sculptures for AFA.

The original sculptures are roughly 38”W x 39”H x 10.5”D.

In celebration of the new, exclusive fiberglass Lipsex sculptures by Colin Christian, the gallery and the Artist invite fans to participate in a social media photo challenge, currently running through June 6th. Print the lips seen on AFA’s website, feature them in an original photo, and share the image on Instagram and Facebook via the tags: #LipSexArt @AFANYC @ColinChristian. One person will win a pair of mini candy apple red lips by the artist. (Please remember to keep social media platform rules and guidelines in mind.)

Underwritten by AFA Gallery.

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