Curiot Paints a Mystical Future Realm in “Act 1: Warped Passage”

by CaroPosted on

The word “mythological” is often used to describe the work of Mexican artist Curiot (real name Favio Martinez). Featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 29, Curiot doesn’t apply a specific myth to the images that he paints, strongly inspired by his Mexican heritage which he hopes to uphold in his art. “The mythological creatures represent the forces of nature, the energy that flows in the universe and their relationship with the world- I like to believe they come from the spirit realm,” he told us.

Curiot invites us into this mystical, somewhat futuristic place with his surreal new body of work, debuting this Saturday at Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles. Titled “Act 1: Warped Passage”, within these images, Curiot explains that he explores the deepest reaches of his mind: “The strangeness of life and this question of ‘what is real, are we all just part one highly elaborate simulation?'” Using a soft palette with iridescent resin finishes and hidden, glowing symbols, each piece involves intense detail, from subtle shifts in tones to different patterns.

In describing the realm of his images, Curiot says: “The breaking of light will offer first site of the path within paths, at times intertwined or straight, split into two or three or four, hidden exists and glowing welcomes. As some tunnels cave in behind you, one may think, ‘what if?’ But does it really matter, each road that one takes is that of the unknown; unexplored experiences which build upon a dream, a dream we all share, that slowly unravels within our time. The mirage will remain for others to prove, vanity fades, knowledge transfers, we wake once again to another bright door.”

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