Textiles Dance in Zeitguised’s Dreamlike Digital Fashion Project

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“Void Season” is a different kind of fashion project that makes us excited to see how the future of fashion is going to look. What first appears as an eccentric, simulated dance and a color-coordinated Tumblr exploration turns out to be a study of algorithmic textiles and procedural surfaces. This digital magic was created by the Berlin, Germany based design studio known as Zeitguised. Their mesmerizing visuals are crafted as a unique blend of tantalizing design, handmade algorithms and bespoke generative processes.

geist.xyz from ZEITGUISED on Vimeo.

The designers at Zeitguised admit that they simply did not want to wait for someone to create self-transforming textiles, and set out to make their own with their first project, geist.xyz. In creating the Void series, they added a vaguely humanoid quality to their algorithm-produced designs. The result is a hyperrealistic artificial reality that combines digital art with textiles that move with an eerie sense of life and personality. It can be overwhelming on the senses and the team regularly posts outtakes on their Instagram page, here, if you prefer your brain explosions in 15-second clips.

Void Season from ZEITGUISED on Vimeo.

“A synthetic ghost shifts simulated textiles from passive matter to live organisms,” the team writes. “Part dreamlike theatre, part lateral cargo cult hustle, a quick succession of bold garment designs acts as an ersatz runway show. In a minimal set of solid backdrops, radiant colors and oblique choreography second the exquisite design of costumes that have been entirely artificially generated. A wealth of custom procedural surface detail emphasizes the uncanny rift between the realistic presence of the guises and the abstract vacancy of the digitized human movements.”

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