Feathr Opens up $5000 Awards for Artists Working in Wallpaper

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“More good shit, less shit shit.” That’s the motto of Scandinavian designer wallpaper collective, FEATHR.com. Launched in 2015, FEATHR is lifting wallpaper out of the decoration ghetto and turning it into art. So, they don’t work the way that other wallpaper companies work. And they don’t work with the types of artists that other wallpaper companies work with.

Graffiti Marker by Dave Towers for FEATHR.com.

Their first collection was created in collaboration with over 70 artists from around the world, including legendary tattoo artist Liam Sparkes, graphic genius Supermundane, typographer Dave Towers and Japanese textile designer, Aoi Yoshizawa (all pictured). It’s now sold around the world and was called, by Elle Décor USA, “our new favorite wallpaper.” Art, not decoration. That’s the good shit, not the shit shit.

Plato by Aoi Yoshizawa for FEATHR.com.

FEATHR are now taking submissions for their new collection and they’re on the hunt for the only thing that makes great wallpaper- great artists. There are 10 openings for artists to join their 2016/17 roster, with $500 cash paid to each artist selected for one of the roster places. There’s also a revenue share deal, with artists earning 5% royalties on all sales, based on net revenue.

Super Abstract by Supermundane for FEATHR.com.

Oliver Green, FEATHR’s Creative Director, describes what he looks for in new work and new artists: “We don’t have a ‘house’ style but we do have a house standard. Originality and artistry. There’s no shortcut. The best pieces we have are simply good ideas well executed. Evidence of the artist. An authentic voice. Evidence of craft. In our collection, we have everything from hand painted, expressive explosions of color made with a big brush and mood right down to witty illustration from the mind of a mad-bastard… and everything in between. The one thing it all shares is the love in the work.”

To find out how to submit your work, head to www.feathr.com/submit. Submissions close on 9th May.

Tattoo Flash by Liam Sparkes for FEATHR.com.

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