Adam Pizurny Animates the Human Face into Eerie GIFs

by CaroPosted on

“When I was a kid, I wanted to become an inventor,” says artist Adam Pizurny. “I fulfilled my dream but in a slightly different way.” Now living and working in Prague, Czech republic, Pizury has built an eclectic career out of his experimentation in digital illustration and graphic design. But in 2012, he discovered an exciting new technique when blind artist George Redhawk aka “DarkAngelØne”, featured here, transformed one of his portraits into a GIF.

An extension of his original portraits series, Pizurny’s GIFs are an eerily captivating exploration of the human face and our sense of self. Using the same wrinkled face, they magically animate into what look like melting puddles of water or perforated surfaces of the skin that, when set to a loop, are hypnotic- Pizurny once described his work as a sort of photographic vertigo that is an experience of the fragility of appearances.

Each GIF is created using 3D scans from TEN24, a software that specializes in scanning faces and expressions for animation purposes, with which Pizurny takes certain liberties. “I just play with object in 3D, giving it characteristics which it doesnt have in reality, wondering what happen, until it looks interesting. Its kind of relaxation for me.” Adding that the project poses a question about the face’s role in its ability to carry identity: “And if our identity was only a mask?”

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