David Truong Puts Life into Paper with Sculptures

by Andy SmithPosted on

In the workshop of Paris-based David Truong, paper becomes alive. Truong’s sculptures, which can often be staged traditionally or even worn, represent a long fascination with geometry and polygonal structures for the artist. As evidenced by “Golden Kraken”, the artist adds details to the work reserved for alternate angles (and in this case, he brought canvas into the process).

Truong was trained traditionally in digital arts, but made the switch to paper after a few new projects after his schooling. The labor proves rigorous (as one stag, detailed on YouTube, required 56 sheets, 13 hours of cutting and folding, and 16 hours of assembly), but the medium also brought new collaborations for the artist. Take last year, when an instructor from the Institute of Internet and Multimedia in Paris asked the artist to help design a wedding dress that would light up, when prompted by a smartphone app.

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