Janusz Grünspek’s Sculptures Reduce Objects to their Outlines

by Abby Lynn KlinkenbergPosted on

Creating minimalistic sculptures out of wooden sticks and hot glue, Polish artist Janusz Grünspek’s series “Drawings in Space” reduces everyday objects to their most simplified states: their outlines. He makes use of negative space to suggest a transparency where opacity is expected- each of his creations is life-sized and Grünspek’s precision tempts the viewer to use them as if they were the real things.

Within Grünspek’s sculptures resides the human temptation to play a sonata on the cello, take a spin on the scooter, light up the glistening chandelier- he appeals to these everyday impulses and reminds us to appreciate material goods on a simply visual level. Additionally, his craftsmanship is mind-boggling. The meticulous and precise arrangements of these wooden sticks are wonders in themselves, beyond any conceptual intention on behalf of the artist.

The appeal of Grünspek’s work can be seen from a Marxian perspective: while we are alienated from the material goods that surround us, unsure about their inner mechanisms and unclear about the work that it took to create them, these wireframe replicas are simplifications that feel somehow more accessible to us—stripped of their complexity. Their transparency allows us to see their structures more clearly: we see what makes a Macbook from a simply aesthetic perspective. Gone are the internal intricacies- the microchips, processors, wires- we see things in light of their true forms.

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