Daan Noppen’s Larger Than Life Drawings of Portraits and Bodies

by CaroPosted on

Amsterdam based artist Daan Noppen brings a special dynamism to his pencil drawings of still life and portraits. His works are not only eye-catching for their precise layering of details, but also in their massive size that gives his subjects a more palpable presence. A closer look at each piece reveals mathematical equations in between the pencil lines that relate to our reality. More recent works express the artist’s continued fascination with mathematics, geometry, and physics, as his figures appear to be gauged, dissipate, and intermingle in a void of empty vector space.

“My background originally lies in film and design, from there I am now slowly moving into pure personal work,” Noppen told Hi-Fructose via email. “Physics and it’s relation to our being, our emotions plays a big part in my work. I play with notions of reality by projecting time as a physical dimension. Rather than becoming something ‘scientific’ this opens up a visual world of our hidden layers of our desires, our pain and our cry for being loved.”

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