Tara McPherson Presents New Works in “The Difference Between Here and There”

by CaroPosted on

Brooklyn based artist Tara McPherson, first featured in our Collected 3 Edition, is constantly visiting and exploring new themes and iconography in her art. Though her playful and evocative characters first recalled issues from McPherson’s childhood and adult life experience, they have since grown beyond that to incorporate themes from science and nature.

Her recent series, titled “Weight of Water” explored the life of water molecules, which evolve through liquid, solid to gassy forms and how their survival through these different forms is akin to the evolution of human life. When she painted her first mural project in Italy last year, McPherson hoped that it would raise awareness about how we treat our planet, in the context of water specifically. These themes continue into her upcoming exhibition at KP Projects in Los Angeles on Saturday, where she introduces her nature-inspired heroines to some colorful old friends.

Titled “The Difference Between Here and There”, her exhibit sees some familiar faces in the world of Tara McPherson- cuddly polar bears, flying bunnies, unicorn-horned girls, and space cadets with heart-shaped holes in their chests. They are presented in the context of where her work is going from here- paintings of celestial women with glowing eyes who conjure magical streams of atoms and water droplets, representing the precarious nature of our own physicality and the resilience of the human spirit.

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