Johannes Mundinger Evokes Impressionism in His Colorful Murals

by CaroPosted on

Berlin, Germany based artist Johannes Mundinger’s murals bring the unusual beauty of Impressionist painting onto the street and other unlikely, usually degraded places. Inspired by the 19th century movement, Mundinger aims to convey feelings of atmosphere, colors and even smells from the real world subject matter that his images are based upon, describing his work as “mainly abstract, but it contains figurative elements and includes shapes that hint to existing things.”

Crucial elements of Impressionism lie in its depictions of human perception and experience, especially of movement, where unusual visual angles and lighting help accentuate the effects of the passage of time. Mundinger wanted to capture the feeling of movement in his recent series for his local Urban Spree Gallery in Berlin, where he has been in residence since 2012. “I’m experimenting with moving the painting in space and including the environment, not just having it flat at the wall,” he shared in an email to Hi-Fructose. His images portray overall visual effects instead of details, using short “broken” brush strokes of mixed and pure unmixed color to achieve an effect of intense color vibration.

His upcoming exhibition will include new paintings, complimented by a recently completed mural titled “Unterm Nebel” (below the fog). The work’s title relates to Mundinger’s visual style, where a “fog” has glazed over his images in the form of shape, pattern, and colorful faces, other times, as blank strips of white space. But despite his hints at something familiar, we’re only given access to the essence of the picture’s true nature.

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