Artists Exhibit Paper Drawings in “Lapiz, Papel, O Tijera (Pencil, Paper, Scissors)”

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Alessia Ianetti

There are many great artists whose primary medium include pencil and paper, but the artist’s sketch is not always intended as a finished work. A sketch may serve a number of purposes: it might record something that the artist sees, it might develop an idea for later use or it might be used as a quick way of graphically demonstrating an image. For those who refer to drawing to work out their ideas, a sketch becomes a rare piece seldom shared with their audience. As such, there is a special air of mystery that is associated with drawings. We’ve featured artists’ drawings in our Sketchbook Series on our blog, and in our print issues, where we’ve shone a light on scarcely shown sketch work by artists like Marco Mazzoni, and Femke Hiemstra, and Mark Ryden, to name a few. A new group exhibition “Lápiz, Papel o Tijera” (Pencil, Paper, Scissors) at Plastic Murs gallery in Spain aims to do the same for 30 artists, including Alessia Iannetti, Amandine Urruty, Crajes, Craww, Dan May, Linnea Strid, Mab Graves, Nicomi Nix Turner, Paolo Pedroni, Vanessa Foley, Vero Navarro, and Victor Castillo. Many of these artists, such as Nicomi Nix Turner and Amandine Urruty, exhibit pencil or pen drawings as their completed works, while others like Mab Graves, Dan May, and Vanessa Foley, use elements of drawing in their illustrations or sketch their concepts before starting a painted piece. Their works on display are not preparatory, but rather offer a softer, tonal perspective of their visions and characters. Get an early preview of the exhibit below, which opens on January 29th and will be on view through March 4th, 2016.

Victor Castillo

Vero Navarro

Vanessa Foley


Paolo Pedroni

Oliver Flores

Nicomi Nix Turner

Mab Graves

Dan May


Chamo San

Amandine Urruty

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