Artists Exhibit Nature Inspired Works to Benefit the National Audubon Society

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David Rice

At the height of his success, people could simply not get enough of naturalist painter John James Audubon’s images of backwoods America and its wildlife, which he cataloged for decades from field observations and drawings from specimens. His artwork inspired real and palpable visions of the New World, lauded as transformative, bringing creatures like his Birds of America to life for those who would never have known them otherwise. The non-profit environmental organization National Audubon Society borrows its name from the artist who had such a great influence on others, and are hoping to do the same with their annual “Brink” exhibition, hosted by Antler Gallery in Portland Oregon. We’ve featured the exhibition before on our blog, where artists contribute works in support of the society and to raise awareness about wildlife conservation. To many of this year’s artists- Scott Listfield, Laura Ball, Jacub Gagnon, Vanessa Foley, Brin Levinson, Natalie Erickson, David Rice, Scott Musgrove, Mark Rogers, Christina Mrozik, Nick Sheehy, Miranda Meeks, Adam Batchelor, Sabrina Jackson, Susannah Kelly, Jon MacNair, Zoe Keller, Neil M. Perry, Audrey Pongracz, and Chris Valkov- this is an effort that is perhaps more necessary now than ever before. Although their habitats have suffered great loss over the past 200 years, more than half of the threatened and endangered species in the United States alone will see continued rapid decline in 2016. Not just native birds, their works focus on a variety extinct animals like dinosaurs and the Dodo bird, and the presently endangered great apes, arctic fox, Giant Panda, and Sumatran Tiger. Take a look at more works from the exhibition below.

“Brink”, a group show benefiting the Audubon Society of Portland opens on January 14th at Antler Gallery. 20% of all sales will be donated to the Audubon Society of Portland.

Scott Listfield

Brin Levinson

Brian Mashburn

Scott Musgrove

Susannah Kelly

Jacob Gagnun

Vanessa Foley

Christina Mrozik

Nick Sheehy

Laura Ball

Mark Rogers

Audrey Pongracz

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