Franco Fasoli aka “JAZ” Portrays the Rapture in Madrid Mural

by CaroPosted on

Street artist Franco Fasoli aka “JAZ”, covered here on our blog, has long been inspired by his native Latin American culture and its chaotic history, as it relates to his own personal life. His dynamic and colorful images of muscular figures, hybrid animals and mythological beings are often used as stand-ins for the different and overlapping societies that he has observed throughout his career, and as a Mexican-Argentinean artist. In his final mural of 2015, JAZ traveled to Madrid where he painted one of his most introspective murals to date. Titled “The Rapture”, the two-piece mural is part of JAZ’s ongoing series that he started last year in Rome about the weight of our own history, and how we might apply it to our present and future lives. The series features animals in the style of Pablo Picasso’s minotaurs in a perpetual struggle between strength and mind. As in Picasso’s etchings, JAZ assigns the symbol of the minotaur to himself, where they represent the duality in all men, and the opposing forces between being a person and an artist. Take a look at more photos of JAZ’s “The Rapture” below, courtesy of the artist.

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