Gao Rong Interprets the Space Around Us in Abstract Embroidered Works

by CaroPosted on

Earlier this month, we shared with you the intriguing embroidered installations by Beijing based artist Gao Rong, uncanny and realistic replicas of her childhood home in inner Mongolia. Using the Chinese embroidery she learned growing up as her primary technique, Rong was able to create stunning copies of artifacts from her memories for that series. Her new series applies the same handicraft but to a much more minimal, even painstaking degree. Aptly titled “The Simple Line”, Rong goes in the opposite direction of her complicated and detailed spaces and embraces simplicity and abstraction. The colorful threads of her embroidery are criss-crossed to form the image of shapes like stars and squares, stretched across wooden circles that appear to shimmer in the right light. Gao sees the circular frames as a mirror of the spaces that surrounds herself and also others, where there is a flow of energy that tenses and loosens like the delicate threads in her art. Gao Rong’s “The Simple Line” will debut at Klein Sun Gallery in New York on January 7th, 2016 and will run through February 13th, 2016. Take an early look at the exhibition below.

Gao Rong, detail

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