George Boorujy’s Striking New Portrait Series of North American Animals

by CaroPosted on

We loved these striking portraits of North American animals by George Boorujy so much, that today we bring you a look at his most recent drawings. The New York based artist went viral this time last year for his incredible hyper-realistic depictions of mammals, birds, and seldom human figures in powerful images that seem to stare into your soul. Even in those images where catch his subjects unaware in their most primal moments, there is something about them that captivates their viewer. Not much is known about Boorujy’s background, whose large-scale ink works on paper that detail every hair and wrinkle conjure the image of an enthused naturalist. His extensive drawings rival those of master naturalists like French-American painter John James Audubon, but while those artists offered pretty, stoic images of nature for identification purposes, Boorujy captures the raw and sometimes uninviting spirit of nature. Their world is also not one that denies the presence of man, suggested in his portrait of a doe bleeding from the mouth, as if she has just been shot, or a grimacing mother grizzly protecting her cub from a sudden and unseen threat. Take a look at more of George Boorujy’s latest works, below.

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