Paola Rojas H and David Pérez’s “Visceral” Turns People Inside-out

by CaroPosted on

Bogotá, Colombia based photographer Paola Rojas H and artist David Pérez’s see humans as fragile and complex creatures. Looking at Rojas’s performative images of nudes, one is met with equal feelings of awe for their beauty and unease. Pérez matches her eye for detail in silly and meticulous illustrations focused on the face and expressions. The two recently merged their two very different approaches with their series “Visceral”, a study of human anatomy from the inside-out. Shot in a primarily red and blue palette, these photos by Rojas feature subjects that have been ‘tattooed’ with Pérez’s drawings, perfectly matching the bones and ligaments underneath the skin. Their subjects have been described as appearing corpse-like, but captured in passionate and dynamic poses that portray the exuberance of life, where blue represents the ‘frozen’ form and red symbolizes their fiery, beating hearts. Together, their series offers a myriad of expressions of the human body. Take a look at more images from Paola Rojas H and David Pérez’s “Visceral” below.

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