Oakland Artist Cannon Dill Explores His Surroundings in Whimsical New Works

by CaroPosted on

Cannon Dill has been living in Oakland for over 14 years, and credits much of his time spent in the city to the development of his artistic style. He once said that the confinement of a daily routine left him daydreaming about nature. Featured on our blog, his illustration work and murals are painted in response to this push and pull between our uniquely human lifestyle and that of animals. With his upcoming exhibition “In My Own Time” at Spoke Art gallery in San Francisco, Dill takes a moment to further explore his immediate surroundings. The exhibit will feature new illustrations that portray whimsical creatures and anthropomorphic objects inhabiting imaginary structures, as well as new sculptural works and a large installation. In an interview with the gallery, he says, “The theme is loosely around the idea of taking the time to soak in your surroundings, recognizing space. We all know prices of housing are increasing dramatically in the bay area, so it was hard to not make work about that situation. Also the gap between San Francisco and Oakland is sort of blurring together- you have a lot of construction and development happening in both cities. This body of work is a vague conversation about that.”

“In My Own Time” by Cannon Dill will be on view at Spoke Art gallery in San Francisco from December 5th through December 19th, 2015.

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