NEVERCREW’s New Murals Express Their Growing Concern for Nature

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Swiss street artists Pablo Togni and Christian Rebecchi aka NEVERCREW (featured on our blog) is well known for their giant, playful murals exploring the relationship between man and nature. Most depict realistic-looking animals, lots of whales, polar bears, and giant squids, which become figments of fantasy when painted on real world structures. The duo has been painting nonstop this year, and recently took a moment to send us photos from their busy summer traveling around the world. Their first mural, titled “Detecting machine n°1”, was created in Rochester during the Wall Therapy street art festival in July. The piece is a massive image of three encased whales, intersected by a dramatic orange litmus paper representing global warming. Their second, titled “Black Machine”, features a polar bear sticky with black oil, swimming wearily alongside the Colosseo Theater in Turin. Finally, the pair wrapped up their year with their most recent mural, completed a couple weeks ago in Varese, Italy. Titled “Signalling Machine”, it portrays a whale wrapped in blood-red striped cloth. All three pieces are part of a ‘machine’ series that expresses NEVERCREW’s growing concern for nature and the balance of life- they call their mission “a sort of collaboration between everything for a common wellness.”

Detecting machine n°1:

Black Machine:

Signalling Machine:

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