Mark Ryden Exhibits New Paintings and Bronze Sculpture in “Dodecahedron”

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Pop Surrealist Mark Ryden (Hi-Fructose Vol. 18) has long incorporated alchemy and numerology in his fairytale-like world, filled with symbols and strange letters. The Los Angeles based artist once said that if he hadn’t pursued art, his next choice would have been math or science. For his upcoming exhibition “Dodecahedron”, opening December 10th at Paul Kasmin Gallery in New York, Ryden looked to geometry for inspiration. His exhibition is so named after the “dodecahedron”, a 12-sided geometric shape of perfect symmetry and mystery. The number 12 is found numerous times in art, literature, music and holds metaphysical and spiritual connections- and endless possibilities for Ryden, who believes that numbers have a life of their own. This is an idea depicted by a curious doll-like character named “Anima”, whom Ryden describes as a “soul confronting its physical form.” She has starlight colored hair and wears an expression of awareness beyond her years, appearing in various forms and bizarre settings. This includes a new iteration of Ryden’s famous “Incarnation” painting that inspired Lady Gaga’s meat dress, only here it is made of human organs. His exhibit will feature a series of 8 new oil paintings, drawings, and first-ever bronze sculpture, exploring the divide between the world defined by science and that of our subconscious.

“Dodecahedron” by Mark Ryden will be on view at Paul Kasmin Gallery in New York December 10th, 2015 through January 23rd, 2016. Take a look at our early preview of the show below.

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Video courtesy Mark Ryden.

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