Jeremy Hush Presents New Illustrations in “An Exchanging Glance”

by CaroPosted on

Philadelphia based artist Jeremy Hush draws us into a secret world in his dark and dense fairytale-like images. He once said that mysteries lie in a hole in the ground or under a rock, and this is where we find his characters. Covered here on our blog, his earth toned works give us a glimpse of the hidden landscape in our own backyard, bustling with tiny imaginary creatures based on real animals and insects. For his upcoming exhibition at Last Rites Gallery in New York, “An Exchanging Glance”, he invites us to change our perspective, and see things through his characters’ eyes. In Hush’s world, humans are secondary to the critters that dominate his illustrations, and he is quick to remind us that our place here is not to be taken for granted. One piece portrays kittens trying on the mask of a woman’s face, as if to suggest this role reversal, while in others, human skulls are overgrown with weeds and left to rot. The exhibit will include a selection of new paintings and a massive installation comprised of five wooden rosette arches. Take a look at more images below, courtesy of the gallery.

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