Arthur-Louis Ignoré Paints Mandalas Anywhere His Brush Can Reach

by Clara MoraesPosted on

French street artist Arthur-Louis Ignoré, aka ALI, has found a unique way to embellish his surroundings. Using resilient materials that can last for a few months, he paints mandalas and ornaments on walls, streets, sidewalks, buildings and just about anywhere else he can reach. ALI is not interested in making sketches, and prefers to let his subconscious take over during the creative process. To him, randomness is key. The end result is a spontaneous and  meticulous body of work that explores pattern making through ornamentation. For his most recent piece, ALI installed one of his detailed mandalas on top of a government building. Titled, “All on one roof”, the piece is a monumental fresco, completed in October for the Maintenant Festival in Rennes, France. Take a look at more of ALI’s decorative works below.

The forest of Saint-Jean-de-Monts, 2014

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