Erik Jones Makes European Solo Debut with “In Colour”

by CaroPosted on


Hi-Fructose Vol. 27 cover artist Erik Jones paints alluring figures that he juxtaposes with dynamic, abstract strokes of bright colors. He seeks to find the right balance between his realistic style of painting figures with abstraction in his work. Jones recently made his European debut with his latest body of work, titled “In Colour” at Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome. The title makes a references to the vibrant colors that surround and enhance the intensity of his female figures, likened to a hurricane. With these new works, Jones deepens his exploration of gesture and abstraction to an almost chaotic effect. He says, “The figures are used as an aesthetic anchor, holding the viewer’s attention to a recognizable form, while exploring colorful, nonrepresentational abstractions. In a way, the figures make the chaos palette-able. Many of the graphic elements in this current body of work are a slight departure from some of the older work. I wanted the graphic aesthetic to take on digital qualities and appear to be more naive and childlike in the approach. As if an inexperienced, non-artistic person were exploring a digital drawing program for the first time. The intention is to present ability and craft juxtaposed with chaos and disorder.”

“In Colour” by Erik Jones is currently on view at Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome, Italy through December 1st, 2015.

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