Refik Anadol Creates Alluring and Trippy Virtual Spaces with Projections

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We are living in a society where we are addicted to our cell phones and computers. Without even realizing it, the moment we stare at those screens, we forget about the people around us and the rest of the world. Los Angeles based Turkish artist Refik Anadol wants us to slow down and make technology into something we consciously see and feel. His digital installations that project light and sound correlate to our experience of the world through a virtual lens. His most recent installation, titled the “Infinity Room” at Zorlu Performing Art Center in Turkey, is a trippy, black and white installation that uses audio and visual stimulation to alter one’s sense of the room. For this, he installed a cinema screen, onto which 3D kinetic animation based on algorithms was projected. It is part of his ongoing project titled, “Temporary Immersive Environment Experiments,” which takes the idea of immersion. Immersion into virtual reality is a perception of being physically present in a non-physical world. His upcoming installation, “Virtual Depictions: San Francisco” (sneak peek here) which will debut on November 16th, is a dynamic public art piece at 350 Mission in San Francisco. The piece uses a 40ft tall screen in the building’s lobby as a giant canvas that is visible from the street. Anadol’s work compliments SOM Architects and Kilroy’s design concept for 350 Mission as an “urban living room”: a street-level space that engages with the urban realm.

Infinity Room:

Virtual Depictions: San Francisco (progress):

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