James Jean Presents New Works in Tokyo Exhibit “Zugzwang”

by CaroPosted on

Hi-Fructose Vol. 15 cover artist James Jean will debut new works in a solo show at Tokyo’s Hidari Zingaro gallery on November 7th. His latest body of work consists of mixed media drawings on paper and a large painting on copper plates. The show title, “ZUGZWANG”, derives from a term used by chess specialists to describe a situation in which a player is forced to make a move to his disadvantage. It’s also a term that Jean has used to describe his creative process, where the more he draws, the more he feels compelled to continue working. His drawings are filled with his signature heavy line work, portraying figures with multiple limbs twisted together and in scenes of mutilation. The centerpiece of his show is a massive painting, “Adrift”, measuring 180 x 88″ inches and spanning four canvases. It depicts a monumental scene of a girl in an elaborate kimono, caught adrift in a rush of electric blue Hokusai-style waves. A falcon, an animal of great power and strength, swoops down to offer her a bright red branch. Despite the drama of the picture, the girl’s face appears at peace and full of hope to overcome her situation. Take a look at our preview of the artworks, images courtesy of Kaikai Kiki/Hidari Zingaro, below.

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