Tristan Eaton Honors His Creative Influences in “Legacy”

by CaroPosted on

From murals to designer toys, Tristan Eaton emerged from the streets and into well known force in the art world. We featured his TrustoCorp project in Hi-Fructose Vol. 22, but he’s since put that venture aside to focus purely on his solo career. His striking, almost dream-like figurative style weaves together contrasting elements of pop, cartoons, and typography. One look at Eaton’s work and you can immediately see a collage of influences, and he has always sought to represent this visual language that he loves in a single piece. Eaton really dug deep for his next solo exhibition at Subliminal Projects on his home turf of Los Angeles. Titled “Legacy”, the show pays respects to the creatives and taste-makers who came before him, while also presenting them to the next generation. His new works include both metal works and mixed media portrait paintings, inspired by audio interviews the artist conducted with people who have played an important role in his life. “These stories started out as a simple time-capsule,” he says. “An audio record to inform the visual portrait. But as the stories poured out, I realized that they were entertaining in their own right. From Oscar winners to civil rights warriors to religious cults, there is a lot to draw from as an artist, but the stories remain strong on their own.”

“Legacy” by Tristan Eaton, presented by Library Street Collective, will be on view at Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles form November 7th through 14th, 2015.

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