Kris Kuksi Exhibits a Monumental New Series in “Amalgamation”

by CaroPosted on

Largely influenced by Late Baroque and Rococo, Kris Kuksi (first covered in HF Vol. 19) recently presented a new body of work for his solo show at Joshua Liner Gallery in New York, “Amalgamation.” Where Rococo artists made a fluid and graceful approach to the Baroque, Kuksi’s mixed media assemblages possess a certain darkness. Oftentimes, we find his subjects engulfed in a chaotic, yet ornate collection of “throwaway” objects. The title of his exhibition alludes to the complete confusion and disorderly nature of each piece. Amidst conflict, godly deities collide with mortal figures and warriors who struggle to take control and hold onto their artillery. In his show statement, Kuksi explains, ““Human beings are limited by their greed and carelessness yet they know it. Humans know how to be better and solve problems that are pressing the advancement of our species but we don’t always do the right thing. We are consumed by our darkness and yet we don’t realize we don’t have to be. I think if we can embrace our dark impulses, we can overcome them.” “Amalgamation” is currently on view through November 14th. Take a look at some of the work in the show below.

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