Roberto Rodríguez’s Colorful and Psychedelic Paintings of Nature

by CaroPosted on

Spanish artist Roberto Rodríguez illustrates a fantastic vision of wildlife in his psychedelic paintings. Neon purple tigers and rainbow birds populate grand habitats, some clean and simple, others as lush as Henri Rousseau’s jungle scenes. His art is almost child-like but filled with dimension by an overlaying of saturated colors, shapes and textures. Rodríguez is most inspired by the variations and changes of a sunset, something he tries to evoke in his work. Strips of paper are applied to each piece, which are colored with gradients until the desired effect is achieved. In some pieces, he lightly spatters paint for added texture that looks like stardust, creating a celestial quality. “With my work, I want to move or capture the viewer’s attention for a few seconds through the colors and shapes,” he says. “The aim is for the people who see my work to feel abstracted and integrated into fantasy, for a moment, and be entertained for a while there, nothing more.” Rodríguez is currently exhibiting his latest series as a part of MOMENTS festival in Malaga, Spain.

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