Kerry Hughes Crafts Human Organs out of Hand-Tied Balloons

by CaroPosted on

If you’re looking for some DIY Halloween decoration ideas, look no further. London based illustrator Kerry Hughes’s latest series features intricately hand-tied balloons made into the shapes of human organs. “It’s very inspiring when a person can take an unexpected or everyday material and completely rethink it,” Hughes says. The artist is mostly known for her colorful and playful work using paper and wood, but her series “Pneumatic Anatomy” in collaboration with friend and photographer Aaron Tilley takes it to a conceptual level. Their images of balloon-lungs and intestines combine Hughes’s taste for the whimsical with Tilley’s graphic photography style. Together, they create a morbid sweetness that feels more like pop art than craft. In addition to this ongoing project, the pair is also working on a new series titled “Brainstorming” that comically re-imagines the inner workings of the human brain. Take a look at both series, including some of Hughes’ paper set designs, below.

via Laughing Squid

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