Andrew Salgado Deconstructs Identity with Figurative Abstraction

by Roxanne GoldbergPosted on

Canadian-born artist Andrew Salgado borrows a variety of influences from art history and popular culture, to paint portraits of deconstructed identities. The people Salgado chooses to portray are complex personalities. Salgado acknowledges this, but does not strive to paint the person’s whole identity. Instead, Salgado uses a variety of abstract elements to underline the now-ness during which his subjects were painted.

The London-based artist seems to take inspiration from the graffiti in his current home, and uses these street elements to reveal the unfinished hastiness of the human experience. Salgado’s artworks function as jig saw puzzles. One must consider each piece individually before figuring out how each element fits together to make a whole image.

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