Twoone Explores Animal Symbolism in “Imperfections Reflections”

by CaroPosted on

Berlin-based Japanese artist Twoone has been pushing his style further in recent months. As we saw in our studio visit with him, and again last month, he continues to expand on his hyper colored palette and materials, bringing his works to life as fluorescent light boxes. There is a free movement and confidence about them. As Twoone got his start in Melbourne’s graffiti scene, his works are imbued with bright sprayed paint and gestural line work influenced by his roots.  Opening on October 8th, Twoone will exhibit a new series at AvantGarden Gallery in Milan, Italy. “This series is a part of an ongoing search of ‘psychological portraits’ and a reflection of the inner characteristics of a particular being,” Twoone says in his show statement. Some pieces feature the gentility and mysterious calm of deer, others the beautiful and dangerous qualities of snakes and spiders. His portraits reflect on the animalism that he finds in people, where images of animals represent the “masks” of our true selves.

“Imperfections Reflections”, featuring new work by Twoone and

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