Soey Milk’s Subjects Blossom in her Upcoming Solo, “Pida”

by CaroPosted on

Los Angeles based artist Soey Milk paints confident young women in boldly colored clothing inspired by the imagery of her Korean heritage. Featured here on our blog, her slightly amorous oil portraits are imbued with mystery and personal discovery. On October 1st at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco, Milk explores her intimate world with a new series of paintings and drawings. In the tradition of previous exhibits, the series is titled in her native Korean “Pida (피다)”, which translates to blossoming or becoming something else. Milk underwent her own sort of personal “blossoming” with her 2014 solo “Sinavro”, where she reflected on her feelings as a budding artist. She continues this self exploration with “Pida”, where we find young girls in various stages of undress, becoming familiar with their growing bodies. Like a flower in spring, they seem to bloom as their decorative garments are slowly peeled away in layers, while leafy stems sprout out of the background.

“Pida” by Soey Milk will be on view at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco from October 1st through 24th, 2015.

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