Mark Dean Veca’s Latest Mural Pays Tribute to His First Car

by CaroPosted on

Habitat for Humanity in Michigan is partnering with artists to turn underutilized local structures into art. One of them is HF Vol. 23 featured artist Mark Dean Veca, whose contribution is curated by Paul Amenta of SiTE:LAB, a local volunteer arts organization of site-specific works. For the project, Veca created an award-winning mural entitled “Pony Show” which will be unveiled on September 25th. Veca’s street art can be easily spotted for his psychedelic treatment of 70s and contemporary imagery, particularly corporate logos and cartoon characters. His “Pony Show” mural is so named for the unmistakable Ford Mustang logo that it features, reinterpreted in bright candy apple red, black and gold colors. The mustang has a personal meaning to Veca because it was the artist’s first car. In his show statement, he shares, “it is a shrine to the American Car,” and our fantatical and perhaps dangerous devotion to the automobile. Framed by Baroque inspired patterns, Veca describes his latest work as “Pop-Baroque” – an amalgamation of Baroque’s elaborate design and energy united with the style of 1960s pop poster art. “Pony Show” can be found at a former auto repair shop in the Roosevelt Park neighborhood, part of SiTE:LAB’s The Rumsey Street Project, until Habitat for Humanity redevelops the property in 2017.

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